Dino Ribs

Today we are cooking beef ribs!
Supplies Needed:
1) Beef Plate Ribs
2) Kosher Salt
3) Couse Black Pepper
4) DB180 Steak & Beef (See houndhogsbbqsupply.com)
5) Wilsonshire Sauce (See houndhogsbbqsupply.com)
6) Royal Oak Lump Charcoal & Fire Starters
7) Wood Chunks
8) Butcher Paper (see link below)
9) Wagyu Beef Tallow (see link below)

We started out by trimming off the fat cap on the top so that the rub can penetrate the meat. We layered on Salt, Pepper, then DB180 Steak & Beef. Wilsonshire Sauce was our binder. Let that sweat in until it is all wet, and get it on the smoker at 275 degrees with Cherry and Oak wood chunks. Once the bark gets to your liking (we like ours dark and crusty) wrap it in butcher paper with some Wagyu Beef Tallow. Take it up around 200 degrees or until it’s probe tender, remove from heat, rest unopened for 1 hour, and enjoy!

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