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When you are trying to build a masterpiece, first you must start with the right foundation. The same goes for award winning BBQ. Whether you are slow smoking succulent meats for long periods of time, or grilling steaks & veggies hot and fast for a family get together, the ONLY foundation you will ever need is Stateline BOLD. Bold is a “DELUXE” salt, pepper, garlic seasoning that has just the right balance of core spices, plus a few extra “enhancements” that make it the PERFECT base seasoning layer. While it’s great used as a flavor layer, it is definitely BOLD enough to be used alone to bring all the mouthwatering flavor you will ever need. It’s great as a substitute for salt & pepper on any of your favorite dishes. Want an “Enhanced” SPG seasoning that can help take your cooking to the next level? Give Stateline Bold a try today!

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All Q'ued Up

8 reviews for Stateline Bold – All Que’d Up

  1. Dave May

    All Q’ued “Up ! Makes a lot of Great rubs !! Stateline Bold is definitely another hit🔥

  2. Connie

    In your face kinda Bold! Great accompaniment to beef, chicken, seafood and more. Makes any dish full and rich in flavor!

  3. Dave Sayre (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this in my competition steak profile for a while now but finally decided to use it on pork and chicken as well. It did not disappoint! This rub will add a BOLD pop of flavor to whatever dish you add it to and taste great at the same time!

  4. Joseph

    Another grand slam by Mr. John Lindsey! I call this an SPG rub on steroids!

  5. Justin Turner

    This rub hits all the marks I want in a base layer SPG rub! So far I’ve tried it on burgers and in deep dish pizza and both were homeruns!

  6. Nathan Looper (verified owner)

    My new favorite base layer rub for all my bbq. Great on ribs, pork loin, butts and even on a brisket! Nice spice compliment to the salt pepper garlic flavor

  7. Micheal Underwood

    This is a great pop of flavor to any dish next time you cook a steak make sure you use this rub…

  8. Joe vining

    It’s a great base layer when you want to add just a little heat to a dish. It’s a good blended SPG with a hint of jalapeño. Absolutely fantastic on chicken. It really enhances the flavor of the bbq rub you will be using.

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