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Triple ought is a unique mix of flavors. These flavors are blended so that they can be combined with other seasonings. Yes you can use Triple Ought as a layer, dust, or both. Pendray BBQ created something that the backyard cooker or the competition cooker could use. Versatile enough to use on any meat. Pendray BBQ has had great success with Triple 000 at home and in competitions.


Not to mention, withing the first 2 months of being released, it was part of one of the first few perfect scores in the Steak Cookoff Association!

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 5.75 in

Pendray BBQ

5 reviews for Triple Ought Steak-n-Beef – Pendray BBQ

  1. Joe vining

    Just all around fantastic rub . It has a taste out of this world and turning heads in the SCA.

  2. Nathan Looper

    This is the perfect steak rub! It has fantastic salt flavor and the color is fantastic!

  3. Dave May

    What an amazing rub with great flavor profile. Give it a try and Rock your Steak or Beef !!!

  4. Micheal Underwood

    Not just for beef works great on a lot of stuff but definitely shines on steak!!!

  5. Chance Brown

    All around great seasoning, not just for steak. Not nearly as salt forward as some of the other seasonings so it’s very compatible

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