Pepper Jelly Smoked Wings:

Let’s get to it on what you need for this recipe!
– Chicken Wings
– Jaccard
– Flaps 20 CPR Rub
– Hotty Totty Climax AP Rub
– Big D’s Original Sauce
– All Que’d Up – All Sauce’d Up Sauce
– Texas Pepper Jelly Peach Habanero
– Royal Oak Charcoal Pellets
– Bear Mountain BBQ Wood Pellets

Start by cutting your wings down into flats and drums. Jaccard the skins so they will render better. Hit them with some CPR and Climax AP and get them on the grill running at 325 degrees. Once they reach close to 200 degrees internal temperature (45 mins) take them off, let them cool, then dunk them in room temperature sauce. Your sauce will be equal parts Big D’s Original and All Sauced Up with pepper jelly to taste. Get them back on the smoker for 5-10 minutes to let the sauce set and you’re ready to chow down!

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